Call for Workshop Proposals

EAI IoTCare 2021 Call for Workshops proposals

With the rapid development of technologies, especially the Internet of Things (IoT) and big data, have caused a significant change in healthcare. The large-scale deployment of wearable devices, intelligent sensors, smart home appliances, mobile devices, and cameras provide a more comprehensive and efficient potential to focus on people’s health and safety. The pooling, mining, and correlation analysis of large amounts of data provide more opportunities to develop intelligent and efficient healthcare solutions and improve the service level of healthcare as a whole.

EAI IoTCare 2021 aims to bring together the current research progress from both researchers and practitioners on IoT and big data for focusing technologies, improvement and applications, that can effectively service the requirements of smart healthcare.

Therefore, we are seeking workshop proposals on emerging research areas related to the main conference topics, and those that focus on the application and innovation. Schedules should encourage lively debates, and topics should lean more towards exploring new ideas, improvement methods and interdisciplinary areas, compared with the main conference.

The following topics are some of our suggestions and references based on the current hot issues, but are not limited to:


  • Collaborative framework or approaches of Artificial intelligence, IoT and Big data
  • Technologies and methods of Information mining, retrieval and analysis for medical data (Medical imaging, medical text, testing reports etc.)
  • Predictive Modelling for Healthcare
  • Information Fusion and Knowledge transfer in Healthcare
  • Network Communications for Health Sensor Data
  • Reliable and Security Management of IoT networks in E-health


  • Performance improvement for healthcare IoT devices
  • Improvement for Big data in the E-health
  • Optimization for the E-health system


  • Telemedicine Applications
  • Medical decision making support assist
  • Emerging eHealth IoT Applications
  • Data visualization for Healthcare application
  • Disease prevention and Prediction


The proposal should include the following:

  • Workshop title
  • Workshop motivation, and relevance to IoTCare 2021
  • Workshop format or structure, workshop duration (half-day or full-day) including a tentative program
  • List of organizers including affiliation, email address, and brief biographies
  • Tentative list of keynote speakers
  • Any other relevant information to support your proposal (e.g. list of invited and confirmed speakers, potential impact, prospect and value, the experience or history of a workshop organization etc.)
  • Specific requirements for delivering the workshop, such as hardware, technical equipment, or relevant support

Note: Proposals should be in single-column A4 or letter format up to 5 pages, with font size 11.

Workshop proposal submission due: Monday, Apr. 27, 2021

Notification of acceptance: Monday, May. 03, 2021

The submitted proposals will be reviewed by the committee. Accepted proposals will be summarized and published in the conference proceedings.


Please email proposals to the Workshops Chair: Zedong Zheng
De Montfort University, United Kingdom
Contact email: [email protected]